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2017-2018 Royal Court

 Junior Orange Bowl International Tennis Championship

International Player Registration

Due to USTA regulations for USTA sanctioned events, international players need to have a USTA number or non-member USTA number in order to enter the Junior Orange Bowl.

If you already have a USTA number or non-member USTA number from entering another tournament, you can use that number. Proceed to our Active registration page to enter here:

Active Registration Page

 If you do not have a number, please follow the instructions below to create a free USTA account and obtain a number. If you have a problem creating this account and non- member number, please email TennisLink at linkteam@usta.com.

  1. Go to this link: https://tennislink.usta.com/Dashboard/Main/Login.aspx 
  2. Click on “Create Account” under “Do you play in a USTA program (Team Tennis, USTA Flex Leagues, Tournaments) without a USTA Membership?”:
    Login account info
  3. Select “I am new to Tennis Link and want to create a new account” and then click NEXT.:
    Create USTA Account
  4. Fill in your information and click NEXT for the next few pages until you create your account.:
    Personal Information
  5. After you finish creating the account, you will be issued an USTA account number. Keep this number handy. This number is your non-member USTA number.
  6. Now go to our Active page below to register. When asked, be sure to insert the USTA non-member number you created.:

Active Registration Page